Highlights of our region

“SONNenwendfeuer” celebration – Mountains on Fire

Around  21th of June

An extraordinary highlight is our Sonnwendfeuer, which takes place every year at a weekend around the midsummer change. The imposing mountain scenery around the  “Ehrwald-Lermoos-Biberwier” Valley becomes a unique open-air arena.  When dusk comes across the valley illuminating motifs appear around the mountains which is a astonishing view for lots of spectators. The representations are mostly Christian and traditional motifs and often represent true works of art that were build and burnt down with much work and heart. It is therefore not surprising that since 2010, this mountain fires, are one of the first cultural activities in the national list of the intangible cultural heritage activities of UNESCO, which has been cited.

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  • Sonnwendfeuer in Lermoos
  • Bergfeuer in Lermoos
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Tradition in the Tiroler “Zugspitzarena”.

When the cattle returns to the valley after the summer, the colorful spectacle is celebrated by guests and locals. To be thankful for the accident-free time on the alps, the animals are festively decorated with flowers by the dairy farmer before returning home. The “best” cow even gets a crown made out of flowers. For a feast, the biggest bells were put on the cattle, and so the cattle and the dairy farmers walk with their assistants, through the village. Afterwards, the day ends with food and drinks.

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SUNSET from the Zugspitze

For the special moments. 

A unique experience is the sunset from the “Zugspitze”. When the fire-redded sun sinks on the horizon of the valleys and peaks of the summits show a deep blackness and at the same time the rocks of the Hell Valley are covered by a gentle gray under the soft blue sky … so it seems like a day and night mixture at the same time – the Zugspitze! An indescribable event! We will be happy to give you information at what time of the year you can experience it.

  • Sonnenuntergang auf der Zugspitze - ein Erlebnis
  • Sonnenuntergang auf der Zugspitze
  • Sonnenuntergang auf deer Zugspitze
  • Sonnenuntergang auf der Zugspitze
  • Münchner Haus
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Skishow Lermoos

From enthusiastic winter sportsmen to real winter sportsmen.

An absolute winter-highlight is the Skishow in Lermoos, which takes place every Monday. The ski school and the Skiclub Lermoos show different techniques and the development of skiing and with provided fun and entertainment acts. Freestylers jump through firerings or go down the slopes in spectacular formations. Breathtaking tricks and jumps inspire the audience. The Show ends with a overwhelming firework show

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