“Home” is a feeling rather than a place.

A cosy and typically Tyrolean home, this is exactly what we seek to offer our guests. Our small hideaway below the mountain “Zugspitze” in Tyrol, Austria, provides a harmonious mix of tradition, real luxury and contemporary Alpine architecture. Locally sourced materials and fabrics such as wood, linen, leather and loden cloth give Chalet Tannenhof with its seven chalet-style apartments a very special distinctive charm. Staying with us, you will enjoy tranquillity, heartiness, homeliness, nature, cosiness, carefree happiness and an invigorating environment as well as the breathtaking views of Mount “Zugspitze”. Feel at home in the mountains. We are looking forward to welcoming you for happy holidays! Your hosts, Barbara and Walter Schennach


Feel at home in your chalet apartment.

Are you looking for a place to dream, to enjoy and to be happy? You have found it: our seven luxury chalet apartments furnished in the Alpine style. The apartments are characterized by sunburnt wood, earthy colours and natural fabrics as well as by greatest attention to detail and a contemporary Alpine architecture. The holiday homes, traditionally and cosily furnished, are composed of a sophisticated wood kitchen, a generous living-room with marvellous daybeds and fireplace (in almost all apartments), enchanting bedrooms as well as a balcony with view of Mount “Zugspitze”. The apartments offer ample space, calmness and cosiness to fully enjoy a stay and to feel at home, safe and happy.

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  • Garden-Fireplace-Apartment „am Waldesrand“
    Garden-Fireplace-Apartment „am Waldesrand“
    Together you're less alone.
  • Fireplace-Apartment “Bergfeuer”
    Fireplace-Apartment “Bergfeuer”
    Give me warmth and let my heart dance.
  • Fireplace-Apartment “Bergromantik”
    Fireplace-Apartment “Bergromantik”
    Give me your heart, then I'll give you mine.
  • Panorama Apartment „Bergheimat“
    Panorama Apartment „Bergheimat“
    Oh, what a lovely and enchanting oriel …
  • Panorama Apartment „Wild und Wald“
    Panorama Apartment „Wild und Wald“
    “In the morning, I send you the violets, which I found in the woods at dawn.” - H. Heine
  • Panorama Apartment „Landliebe“
    Panorama Apartment „Landliebe“
    Oh, what a lovely and enchanting oriel …
  • Lodge-style Apartment “Hüttenzauber”
    Lodge-style Apartment “Hüttenzauber”
    The magic of the mountains provides a homely
  • Studio „klein fein“
    Studio „klein fein“
    So fine!
  • s’Zimmerle
    Be happy, be charming, be marvellous, be free, be simply yourself.
Garden-Fireplace-Apartment „am Waldesrand“
Together you're less alone.


“Here we sit, you and I, enjoying it.” A. Lindgren

In the evening it is really cosy in front of the crackling fire. If you are in the mood, you can join your hosts Walter and Barbara and the other guests in the lounge. You can gather there to play card games with the family or friends, read a good book, sip a cup of healthy tea served in a beautiful ceramic cup from the Gmund factory, share special discoveries, ideas and experiences with other guests or simply make plans for the next days. Our farmhouse parlour, featuring a masonry stove – the favourite place of all children – as well as a cosy bench alongside the panelled walls and large tables, just like in the living-rooms of old Tyrolean farmhouses, is a special place in our Chalet.
In the lounge you can enjoy a glass of wine, relax or plan the activities of the next day, sitting back in comfortable armchairs in front of the crackling fire.

  • Stube +++
  • Kamin-Lounge 2500
  • 01-stube-6
  • 01-stube-5
  • 18-aufenthaltsraum-7


Genuine and authentic hospitality

Welcome to the village of Lermoos, located in the very heart of the area called Tyrolean “Zugspitzarena”. Welcome to the “Zugspitze” with its precipitous rock faces rising above the valley amid lovely pastures. Welcome to our wide and bright valley. Welcome to Tyrol with its proverbial spirit of freedom and its old traditions which have been kept alive.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have grown up here and to share with you the attractions and the beauty of our homeland. As the saying goes: “Happiness is the only thing which doubles when being shared”. For us the most beautiful thing is to provide a cosy and traditionally Tyrolean home for holidays and to help fulfil the longing for the mountains, nature and pure air. For, there is hardly anything more gratifying than to look after our guests and to make them happy.

We are passionate about arranging everything for unforgettable holidays. You will also enjoy some of the most precious treasures of our time: wildlife, calmness, cosiness, space and time for shared experiences, unobtrusive luxury, a stylish and aesthetic setting and architecture and a lot of personal dedication and commitment as well as the stunning views of the “Zugspitze”.


The old wood breathes sunlight, brightness and warmth.

The origins of Chalet Tannenhof: one of the first apartment houses to be built in the local area. It was 40 years ago when our parents had the Tannenhof built, inspired by the genuine Tyrolean hospitality and with the aim to create a place close to nature where to discover, explore, enjoy and better understand wildlife.

Chalet Tannenhof today: the deeply rooted love for our homeland and the desire for harmony between the architecture and the natural environment have induced us to make the dream of an Alpine-style chalet come true.

In September 2012, after 5 months of refurbishment works, it was done: the new Chalet Tannenhof, characterized by our distinctive personal touch, opened its doors to guests from across the world. Since then, the sunburnt wood, which one inexorably would like to touch with the own hands to feel its warmth, as well as earthy colours and natural fabrics, combined with finest traditional craftsmanship and contemporary aesthetics, have unfolded their charms. The numerous lovely details prove the carefulness and attention with which we have built our Chalet. Feel the nature. Experience it. Arrive at Chalet Tannenhof.


Thanks – Merci – Danke

We would like to say “Thank You” for all the lovely comments, the great reviews and suggestions. Your praise, your appreciation and your satisfaction are more important for us than any star or award. We would be glad, if you think back to your stay in our Chalet in Lermoos below the “Zugspitze” in Tyrol with a smile in your face and we hope that you will come back soon.

Kind regards, Barbara und Walter
… from your small hideaway



  • We are thinking back to the days with you in the mountains which we really enjoyed, very much. We are overwhelmed by your hospitality and wish you to be back soon. But without a everyday life you can have no extraordinary moments … see you soon!

    Susanne and Andreas
  • The house is very beautiful and furnished with love. The hosts, Barbara and Walter, were very friendly, we will not forget them. Sunny also wants to send greetings to you!

  • Taking care of the guest is top priority at the Tannenhof. Right at the entrance you feel very welcome. Everything is prepared with the attention to detail.

  • In the first week of May, we were 7 adults with two babies at Chalet Tannenhof and all thrilled by the beautiful location and above that all the charm of the house and its hosts.

    Rolf with family
  • Kuschelige Betten, heimeliger Erker, Sonnenbaden auf dem Balkon mit Blick auf die Zugspitze.

    Der Geruch von Zirbe liegt in der Luft – schönes Holz wo man auch hinschaut .. und noch viel mehr!

    Oktober 2016

  • The location is fantastic, very close to the lift and it has a wonderful view of Lermoos with the Zugspitze and the slopes. The evenings in front of the fireplace were especially beautiful.